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Availability: Some of the features shown in this videos are only available in the Pro and Premium Edition.
You can find an overview of all the features included in each Meisterplan Edition on our pricing page.

How Meisterplan Can Help You

Turn Project Ideas into Successful Projects with the Board View

In this video we show you how to use the Board View in Meisterplan for your project intake process.

What Is Currently Happening and What Is Planned?

Meisterplan gives you an overview of what projects your company is working on – across all teams and their different project tools.

Are We Setting The Right Priorities?

Your teams will always work on the right projects because with Meisterplan you can easily prioritize those projects that deliver the most value.

Can We Fit in Another Initiative?

With Meisterplan, you’ll always be able to balance capacity and demand when new initiatives come up.

Who Can Help Finish This Project on Time?

A new project got approved and now you need to find the right people to deliver it on time? See who's available across teams and business units, and filter by required role or skill.

How Do We Make a Long-Term Plan That Works?

Meisterplan gives you a visual of your in-flight projects as well as the pipeline of upcoming initiatives so you can make a long-term plan that works.

Get Started with Meisterplan

Get Settled in with Meisterplan

In this video we explain the most important screens in Meisterplan and show you some key features.

Add Your First Project

In this video you will discover how to add your first own projects to Meisterplan to build a project portfolio.

Add and Assign Your First Resource

In this video you learn how to add a named resource in the Resource Pool and assign it to a project in Meisterplan.

Meisterplan Features

Quick Import: Projects

In this video we will show you the basics of how the Quick Import works, using the project import as an example.

Creating the Best Portfolio Alternatives with Scenario Planning

In this video we give you an overview of the possibilities that scenarios in Meisterplan offer you.

Harness the Power of Your Data with Our Reporting Options

Get an overview of all the reporting options Meisterplan has to offer.

Working with Meisterplan

Learn How to Solve Your Challenges

Learn how to gain the insights you need to solve your business challenges.

How to Use Meisterplan as a Project Manager

In this video, you will learn how you can use Meisterplan to give management visibility into the status and needs of your projects.
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