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Complete redesign of allocation editing in Meisterplan.

October 05, 2016 - Release 5.6

Extended Auto-Scheduling

Meisterplan Ranking Considered

The Auto-Schedule feature available in the main menu once activated was extended to consider the Meisterplan ranking of projects.

All other contraints for auto-scheduling have remained unchanged, such that all of the following constraints are now considered:

Project Segments May Be Moved Individually

Project segments may now be moved individually by the Auto-Schedule feature.

Enhanced Algorithm

The algorithm selection in the My Account tab of the settings was removed.

The algorithm that is now used is an extended form of the priority rule algorithm which now also considers the Meisterplan ranking of projects and can move project segments individually.

Auto-Scheduling a Single Project

The Suggest Best Fit feature in the project context menu was extended and renamed Auto-Schedule to indicate that it now works exactly like the Auto-Schedule feature accessible via the main menu.

Previously, this feature didn't consider milestone dependencies and only considered projects that stood above the selected project in the Meisterplan ranking. Project segments could not be moved individually.

Now, all projects are considered and the same constraints are checked as when using the Auto-Schedule feature accessible via the main menu. Project segments may now also be moved individually by the auto-scheduler.

After selecting Auto-Schedule for a single project in the associated context menu, if a better project position could be found, it will now instantly be applied without confirmation.

Previously, the position was indicated as a green bar and had to be confirmed by clicking that bar. Instead, there is now an undo button after a project was moved.

The auto-scheduling status of a project for which Auto-Schedule was selected is indicated via an icon in the associated item in the project list:

  • Green: the project could be moved to a better position.
  • Black: the project could not be moved to a better position.
  • Red: moving the project to a better position failed due to unresolvable over-allocation

Auto-Scheduling Multiple Projects

Using the Auto-Schedule feature in the main menu to auto-schedule all projects above the cut-off line (no projects selected), the selected project and all projects ranked below it (exactly one project selected) or all selected projects (multiple projects selected) works exactly like it used to except the rank is now considered and project segments may now be moved individually.

Like before, icons in the project list indicate which projects were moved and there is an undo button to revert the last auto-scheduling operation.

Projects below the cut-off line as well as past projects and such that have already started are still not considered by the Auto-Schedule feature.

Please note that the Auto-Schedule feature considers the Planning Horizon in Years setting which you enter in the General tab of the settings under Global Settings. The results of the Auto-Schedule feature depend on the planning horizon. A greater planning horizon means more options for the auto-scheduler to find a better plan.

Please also note that the Auto-Schedule feature in the main menu is only available after activating it in the My Account tab of the settings under Auto-Schedule.

The Auto-Schedule feature for a single project in the project context menu is always available and can't be turned off.

Histogram Allocation Filter (Previously Single Allocation Mode)

The single allocation mode which can be turned on and off via the stack icon above the histogram was extended to support the selection of multiple projects.

Previously, no more than one project could be selected in this mode.

Now, the histogram will display the allocations of all selected projects while this mode is active.

Any other allocations as well as role and resource capacity lines will not be displayed.

Deselect the stack icon above the histogram to display all allocations and capacity lines again.

Histogram Filter to Only Display Allocated Roles and Resources of Displayed Projects

Via the histogram filter settings accessible via the funnel icon above the role and resource list, you can now filter the list such that it displays only roles and resources allocated to displayed projects.

Roles and resources that are only allocated to projects invisible due to portfolio or project list filter settings will not be displayed in this mode.

Histogram Hint Optionally Displays a Custom Time Period

In addition to the zoom-dependent time period, it is now possible to select a fixed time period for which the capacity and allocation of roles and resources should be diplayed in the hint.

The capacity and allocation of roles and resources in the selected period will be displayed in addition to the figures for the zoom-dependent period when hovering histogram segments:

Import Merges Neighboring Capacity Changes

When resource availability exceptions or role capacity changes are imported, neighboring segments with the same change factor are merged (e.g., 200% or +1 FTE from 01/01 until 03/31 and from 04/01 until 06/30).

Solved Issues


Multiple part resource names (e.g., "Support Team A,") entered in the QuickStart sheet of the Excel template caused errors when repeatedly clicking the Prepare and Update buttons. This issue is now solved.

88792Under Chrome, the project view was automatically scrolled back to the left edge after scrolling in some cases. This issue is now solved.
89466The Excel import failed with a "Resource not found" error when trying to reimport a resource using an e-mail address as ID and associating that resource with an OBS unit. This issue is now solved.
89896The Excel import failed after changing the start date of the planning period in the QuickStart sheet and then clicking the Update and Prepare buttons if there were projects outside the new planning period in the Projects sheet. This issue has been solved in version 2.05 of the Excel template. With the new version, projects that are no longer used in the QuickStart sheet are deleted from the Projects sheet when clicking the Prepare Data for Import button, such that the import no longer fails in this case.

When exporting data to the reporting database, allocations were exported as "NaN" for projects which had allocation segments with a zero duration. Now, such allocation segments are ignored when exporting data.

10011The auto-schedule feature only considered projects in the active portfolio. This issue is now solved.
90167When trying to import a field value with a greater size than the associated field, the error cause wasn't indicated in the import error message that was returned. This issue is now solved.
91232Embedded Tableau reports that were larger than the window they were opened in could not be scrolled. This issue is now solved.

After exporting data to Excel, editing allocations in the Excel file's QuickStart sheet and clicking Prepare Data for Import to write the allocation data to the other data sheets, previously exported data in the ProjectFinancials, ProjectSegments, Milestones and MilestoneDependencies sheets were deleted. This issue is now solved in version 2.06 of the Excel template.

92324After exporting data to Excel and adding more data in Excel, items that were added in Excel (e.g., roles and resources) were not available for selection in drop-down menus for data of that type (e.g., Resource or Role field in the AllocationMatrix sheet). This issue is now solved in version 2.06 of the Excel template.
11157When using the Excel template to enter allocations in the AllocationMatrix sheet and then clicking Prepare Data for Import to write the allocation data to the Allocations sheet, it could occur that not all data were transferred. This issue is now solved in version 2.06 of the Excel template.


When using the Excel template to enter allocations in the AllocationMatrix sheet and then clicking Prepare Data for Import to write the allocation data to the Allocations sheet, date values were changed in the process with some locales (e.g., Australian), which caused an import error. This issue is now solved in version 2.06 of the Excel template.

August 17, 2016 - Meisterplan MyProjects App for iOS Released

The Meisterplan MyProjects App, which has already been available for Android since the first of July, has now also been released for iOS.

Visit the stores for further information:

August 09, 2016 - Meisterplan MyProjects App for Android Updated

The Meisterplan MyProjects App for Android has been updated. It is now possible to refresh the daily or weekly view with the latest changes made in Meisterplan via the refresh icon at the top right.

Visit the stores for further information:

If you have already installed the app, it will be updated automatically the next time you start it.

July 15, 2016 - Release 5.5

Graphical Scenario Comparison

A graphical scenario comparison is now available in Meisterplan. You may compare any scenario with any other scenario or with the plan of record.

To start the comparison, select a scenario to compare with or the plan of record in the scenario manager.

Scenario Comparison in the Gantt Chart

For each project in the active scenario that has a counterpart in the compared scenario or plan of record, a light grey shadow will be displayed above the project bar in the Gantt chart.

The shadow always displays the project duration, including splits, in the compared scenario or plan of record.

When you select the associated project, the shadow will also display milestones and dependencies.

Milestones with volated dependencies in the compared scenario or plan of record will always be displayed in bright red.

For projects without a counterpart in the compared scenario or plan of record, the respective Gantt chart bars are centered vertically to indicate the project doesn't exist in the compared scenario or plan of record.

Scenario Comparison Menu

While the scenario comparison is active, the scenario comparison menu is displayed in the menu bar. Here, you may select one of the five most recently compared scenario, open the scenario manager or end the scenario comparison.

Apply Project From Compared Scenario or Plan of Record

The Revert option in the context menu for projects was extended and renamed:

  • Apply Project from Compared Scenario when comparing with a scenario
  • Apply Project from Plan of Record when comparing with the plan of record

Other than the plan of record, you can now also apply changes from a compared scenario.

The following project data will be applied to the active scenario:

  • Project start and end date
  • Project splits
  • Milestone dates
  • Financial events
  • Role and resource allocations

Project Hint Displays Rank in Compared Scenario

When comparing with a scenario, the project hint now displays the rank of the project in the compared scenario in brackets.

Design Changes

Menu Bar Order Changed

The order of menus in the menu bar has been changed as follows:

  1. Portfolio menu, which is always displayed (previously first or second).
  2. Scenario menu, which is displayed when working with a scenario (previously first).
  3. Scenario comparison menu, which is displayed when comparing scenarios (new).
  4. Reports (unchanged)
  5. Main menu (unchanged)

Gantt Chart Presentation Refined

The presentation of projects and programs in the Gantt chart was refined to provide a more comprehensive and clearer appearance.

Solved Issues

87177When working with a scenario, reverting a segmented project removed the project shadow (plan of record position). This issue is now solved.
88034The project context menu option Apply Project from Compared Scenario only visually applied the project data from the compared scenario without actually saving the change. This issue is now solved.
87936The scenario comparison could not be started and an error message was displayed when the scenario to compare contained projects with special characters in the ProjectId field. This issue is now solved.
87847The import of data from an external system was sometimes aborted with a "LockAcquisitionException" error. This issue is now solved.
9168The import of data from CA PPM failed when the project request contained hard allocations. This issue is now solved. Hard allocations can now be imported from CA PPM to Meisterplan via the project request.
9178The import of data from CA PPM failed when the project request contained investments without a title. This issue is now solved. Investments imported without a title now receive the project code as title in Meisterplan.
88031When the active scenario was renamed in the scenario manager, its old name was still displayed in the scenario menu after applying the change. The same error occurred in the portfolio menu when the active portfolio was renamed in the portfolio manager. These issues are now solved.

July 01, 2016 - Meisterplan MyProjects App

The Meisterplan MyProject App for Android and iOS is available in the respective app stores. This app allows all Meisterplan users (any access level above Deactivated) to see their personal plan on a mobile device.

With the new Personal plan (only app access) access level, it is possible to give resources access to their plans in Meisterplan. Just create a new user with the new access level and link the user to the resource used for planning (see User Management).

With the Personal plan (only app access) access level, users may not log in to Meisterplan via a browser. Starting with this access level, users may access the Meisterplan Android/iOS app to view their own projects and allocations. Users can not edit any data in the Meisterplan Android/iOS app.

Visit the stores for further information:

June 21, 2016 - Release 5.4

Universal Database Connector

For importing data from any data source, a Universal Database Connector is now available. You can add it in Meisterplan's settings under Data Sources like any other connector.

Via the Download link, you can download the Java executable component of the connector that is also required for the import.

The Documentation link opens the online help page for the universal database connector, which describes how to configure and run the connector.


The universal database connector can be used with both SaaS and on premise systems.

How it Works

The universal database connector consists, in addition to the item under Data Sources, of a Java program which writes data to Meisterplan. The universal database connector works as a transfer database between the source system and Meisterplan. The data structure has been set up such that data from any source system can easily be passed to Meisterplan in a suitable format. The transfer to Meisterplan is triggered by running the universal database connector. This can be done manually or automatically via a scheduled task.

CA PPM/Clarity Connector Supports Skills, Cost per Hour and Cost Type

The CA PPM (formerly called Clarity) connector now supports importing the following role/resource data to Meisterplan:

  • Skills (resources)
  • Cost per hour (roles and resources)
  • Cost type (roles)

The import of these data must be triggered by integrating them in the import queries. These queries are defined in CA PPM to provide the data to import to Meisterplan.

Solved Issues

87200Role capacities were not passed to the reporting database and were therefore not available in reports. This issue is now solved.
87510Excel Pivot reports included demo resources. This issue is now solved.
9018When using SSO (single sign on), users were no longer able to log out from Meisterplan in Internet Explorer and Edge. This issue is now solved.

May 13, 2016 - Release 5.3

Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can now request a new password via the Forgot your password? link in the login window.

Your new password will be sent to the email address entered for your Meisterplan user account.

Note: Please note that this feature will only be available for on premise systems after a mail server has been configured for Meisterplan. Please contact your Meisterplan support if you need assistance with this.

Password Security Settings

Administrators can now specify Password Settings in the new Security tab of the settings for Meisterplan.

In addition to the Minimum number of characters and an optional Password expiration period in days, usage of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits and special characters may now be required.

A newly configured password policy becomes valid when a password expires or when it is next changed by the user or an administrator.

Creating Pivot Reports in Smartsheet

Create a pivot report from Meisterplan in your Smartsheet workspace by adding a Smartsheet report in the report manager.

You may select the desired grouping hierarchy, Projects by Resource or Resources by Project.

This way, you can transfer changes you made to your plan of record or scenario data in Meisterplan back to Smartsheet.

New Portfolio Filter Behavior for Role Allocations

The behavior for displaying role allocations in portfolios has been changed for portfolios without a resource filter.

Previously, only role allocations to portfolio projects were displayed. This is still the case for portfolios using a resource filter.

For portfolios without a resource filter, all allocations of every role are now displayed.

Solved Issues

86240For portfolios without a resource filter, all allocations of every role are now displayed. Previously, only role allocations to portfolio projects were displayed. This is still the case for portfolios using a portfolio filter.
The Project Roles Tableau report listed roles with their internal ID instead of the name. This issue is now solved.

Project hints for split projects displayed too high Allocation Total values, assuming continuous allocation during the split. This issue is now solved.

8560After importing data from Excel via the main menu, the Data Source for all imported projects was set to EXCEL_QUICK_IMPORT (instead of Meisterplan) and the projects could no longer be edited. This issue is now solved.

March 30, 2016 - Release 5.2

Login via Google or Microsoft Account

As a Meisterplan user, you can sign in with your Google or Microsoft Work account (Azure).

In both cases, your Meisterplan user name must first be replaced by your Google or Microsoft email address in Meisterplan's user management. Once this has been done, you can use the alternative login to open Meisterplan.

When you are using a Google account, you additionally have to allow Meisterplan to access your data. You will automatically be prompted to do this when first trying to log in to Meisterplan using your Google account. This is required to verify the e-mail address used to log in to Meisterplan. We will not process any other data belonging to your Google account.

Default Behavior for New Connectors Changed

For a new connector, the Allow editing and deleting of imported projects in Meisterplan option is now selected by default. To lock imported data records for editing, the option must be deselected under Import Rules.

Histogram Hint for Role Allocations Changed

In the histogram hint for a role allocation, this is now displayed as Unstaffed Allocation as in the aggregation row.

Solved Issues

8194Importing an Excel file with a "/" character contained in an ID field caused errors in Meisterplan. This issue is now solved.

The Scenario Comparison report only displayed added, but not deleted projects and milestones. This issue is now solved.

86034The unit symbol for thousands with an English language setting was changed from "T" to "K".
86323The error messages for Excel import errors were improved.
8115When exporting data to Excel and then importing that data again, OBS units previously created in Meisterplan were duplicated. This issue is now solved.
8362In some cases, when trying to log in to Meisterplan after a session timeout, the connection couldn't be reestablished. This issue is now solved.

February 18, 2016 - Release 5.1

Presentation of New Features

When you first log in after an update of Meisterplan, a dialog with the New Meisterplan Features of the version will be displayed. The Visit help for more information link leads to the Meisterplan help pages.

If you would like see the information again, you can open the About Meisterplan main menu item. Below the version, you will find the Release Notes link to reopen the dialog.

Smartsheet Connector

New Default Import Behavior for Resources

When no Resource Sheet is selected in the Smartsheet connector settings (default), only resources who are assigned as a project manager or to a task will be imported to Meisterplan. Previously, all Smartsheet contacts were imported.

Resource Sheet Supports E-Mail

The resource sheet supports the Email column to import an email address for a resource. This column is optional.

Searching and Selecting a Project Report or Resource Sheet

The drop-down menu to select a Project Report or a Resource Sheet from the current workspace now contains all available reports and sheets including those from sub-folders. You can type to search for a report or sheet by name. The drop-down menu displays the name in bold and the location of the report or sheet below the name.

Project Field Mapping

The Project Field Mapping tab was renamed to Field Mapping. The Title field was renamed to Name. All project fields that may be mapped are now listed under the Project heading.

Importing Allocations from Smartsheet

Under the Allocation heading, you may now specify two optional field mappings to import resources that are assigned to a task in Smartsheet and their amount of allocation. To be able to import the information to Meisterplan, you may have to extend the project sheets and the project report in Smartsheet with the matching columns.

Use the Assigned Resource mapping to activate the import of an assigned resource from Smartsheet.

By default, the resource utilization is 100% for each task. To import an amount of allocation different from 100%, you can set the mapping for Allocation (%)

Import behavior:

  • Smartsheet project task without assigned resource = No resource or allocation import to Meisterplan
  • Smartsheet project task with assigned resource (but no % value for allocation) = Resource and allocation import to Meisterplan with 100% allocation from task start to task finish
  • Smartsheet project task with assigned resource and column with % value = Resource and allocation import to Meisterplan with specified allocation percentage from task start to task finish
Assigning Roles and Importing Role Allocations

When you are using a Resource Sheet to import resources to Meisterplan, you have the option to assign roles to tasks and import allocations on a role level to Meisterplan. 

The roles that you can assign instead of a resource are defined in the optional Primary Role column in the Smartsheet Resource Sheet.

Example: When Adam Smith´s primary role is Developer, you can assign Developer in a project sheet instead of any resource. Likewise, the primary roles of all other resources are available for assignments. The staffing for direct role allocations (unstaffed allocation) can easily be done in Meisterplan.

French Language Available

In addition to German and English, French is now also available as a third language for the use of Meisterplan.

You can set the language in the My Account tab in the settings.

Excel Import in Main Menu

Meisterplan's main menu now offers the Import from Excel... option. This feature is an alternative to the import via an Excel connector under Data Sources in the settings. It uses the same Meisterplan Excel template.

Like the import via an Excel connector, this feature is only available to users of the Administrator or Data Manager access levels.

You can use the new import feature to quickly import new data into the Plan of Record in Meisterplan with a limited set of options and required settings as opposed to using an Excel connector.

Note: The Excel import behaves differently from the import via an Excel connector. See additional information below.

Selecting Import from Excel... in the main menu will open the Import from Excel window.

Here you can download the Excel template to enter your own data or you can select an already prepared Excel template file for import.

The Excel import provides two modes:

  • By default, the first option Keep and update is selected. You will keep all data in the Plan of Record. If the Excel template includes projects, resources, roles, allocations and other data already existing in Meisterplan (matched via the unique record ID field), those will be updated from the Excel template. Please note that the Meisterplan record will be completely overwritten with the Excel record when it is updated. Fields left empty in the Excel template will result in empty fields in Meisterplan as well. Records inserted into the Excel template with new IDs will be created in Meisterplan during the import.
  • Select Delete and replace to delete any existing Meisterplan data before the import. You will only find newly imported projects, resources, roles, allocation and any other data you have specified in the Excel template.

Excel Import in Main Menu vs. Excel Connector Import

The Import from Excel in the main menu works slightly different than the import via an Excel connector.

This is indicated when the Import from Excel option is selected and an Excel connector has already been configured:

Main differences

Excel Import in Main MenuExcel Connector Import
Always available for Administrators and Data Managers.Must be configured for Administrators and Data Managers.

Imported data have "Meisterplan" as data source entry.
The data behave as if they have been created inside Meisterplan.

Connector name is set as data source entry. 

Project list will always be sorted by priority of the imported projects.Applying the project priority from Excel is optional.
Global update or delete option for import.Configurable update and import rules.

File Selector for Excel Connector

Excel connector items in the Data Sources tab now display a folder icon instead of the previously displayed refresh icon. 

Click the folder icon to directly select the desired Excel import template and import data from it.


  • Some minor changes were made to the appearance of the user interface and the wording of labels and menu options.
  • The Plan of Record Edit Rights option is now deactivated for the Viewer user access level. Regardless of this setting, users with this access level already never had plan of record edit rights.
  • A new area of Meisterplan help pages is as of now only created per major version (e.g. 5, 6, ...). Minor versions like 5.1 or 5.2 will link to the help page for their major version. 

Solved Issues

82378The Sort project list by priority of the imported projects option in connector import rules will only be available when the Projects with Properties option is checked.
84663New financial entries were lost by switching to the Swiss locale. This issue is now solved.


The timeline displayed wrong entries for the 4th quarter 2017 when using the Sydney timezone. This issue is now solved.

December 10, 2015 - Release 5.0

Roles and Resources

  • Search for roles and resources in the resource pool


  • View, edit, create and delete calendars and calendar exceptions in Meisterplan
  • All calendar fields are available in Meisterplan


  • View, edit, create and delete skills in Meisterplan
  • Search for skills in the resource pool

Organization Breakdown Structure (OBS)

  • View, edit, create and delete OBS units in Meisterplan


  • Calendars are no longer imported together with resources
  • New calendar import (importCalendar)

All Connectors

  • Import rules now support deleting calendars

Excel Template

  • Calendars: New Name column
  • Calendars: hierarchy is retained when exporting calendars
  • Calendars: Columns for working hours are now mandatory
  • Load Data from Allocations sheet into QuickStart sheet 

Project View

  • Milestones with unfulfilled dependencies below the cut-off line are no longer highlighted when the associated projects are not selected.

Resource View

  • An aggregated role row now displays any allocations of resources with that primary role


  • Calendar selection in the resource pool displays calendar hierarchy
  • Terminology unified
  • New Icon for roles
  • The Overview and Settings menu items are no longer displayed in the respective view
  • Excel 2016 supported
  • Edge Browser supported under Windows 10

Solved Issues



When exporting data to Excel, skills created and assigned to resources in Meisterplan were listed with the internal ID instead of the name in the associated columns of the "Resources" sheet. Trying to reimport the data from Excel failed due to this.

84656When a negative capacity change was entered for a role for a given period (e.g., -0.5 FTE for one week), data were exported to Excel and the resulting Excel file was reimported, the import failed and returned an error message.
84669Overallocated projects with a duration under three days were not marked with a red line.

October 23, 2015 - Release 4.8

Resource Pool

  • View, edit, create and remove roles and resources in Meisterplan
  • All role and resource fields are available in Meisterplan
  • Microsoft Excel is no longer required for editing roles and resources


  • Clarity XOG export: Business goals can be exported to Meisterplan
  • Webservice API change: ResourceDO.userId is deprecated
  • German online help
  • Visual redesign (tab sheet style changed and shadows removed from drop-down and edit fields)
  • Smartsheet Connector can import active users as resources
  • QuickStart sheet in Excel template can load exported data from Allocations sheet

Solved Issues



Project name was no longer editable after changing it to “ “

83412Finances of newly duplicated projects were not linked to the correct milestones.
83381Number fields formatted as string stopped the Excel import. Now the field will be treated as empty field.
83414When the project start date is after the project finish date while importing data a better readable message appears.
83524Due to a caching problem a error message appeared while creating a new scenario.
80401Feature request: In Version 4.8 it is possible to change the scenario edit rights even if it is in use.


Grafischer Szenario-Vergleich

Ein grafischer Szenario-Vergleich ist jetzt in Meisterplan verfügbar. Sie können jedes Szenario mit jedem anderen Szenario oder mit den Plandaten vergleichen.

Um den Vergleich zu starten, wählen Sie im Szenario-Manager ein zu vergleichendes Szenario oder die Plandaten aus.

Szenario-Vergleich im Gantt-Diagramm

Für jedes Projekt im aktiven Szenario, das ein Gegenstück im verglichenen Szenario oder den Plandaten hat, wird ein hellgrauer Schatten über dem Projektbalken im Gantt-Diagramm angezeigt.

Der Schatten zeigt immer die Projektdauer, einschließlich Teilungen, im verglichenen Szenario oder den Plandaten an.

Bei Auswahl des zugehörigen Projekts zeigt der Schatten auch Meilensteine und Abhängigkeiten an.

Meilensteine mit verletzten Abhängigkeiten im verglichenen Szenario oder den Plandaten werden immer in hellrot angezeigt.

Für Projekte ohne Gegenstück im verglichenen Szenario oder den Plandaten werden die zugehörigen Balken im Gantt-Diagramm vertikal zentriert, um anzuzeigen, dass das Projekt im verglichenen Szenario oder den Plandaten nicht existiert.


Während der Szenario-Vergleich aktiv ist, wird das Szenario-Vergleichsmenü in der Menüleiste angezeigt. Hier können Sie eines der fünf zuletzt verglichenen Szenarien auswählen, den Szenario-Manager öffnen oder den Szenario-Vergleich beenden.

Projekt aus verglichenem Szenario oder Plandaten übernehmen

Die Option Zurücksetzen im Kontextmenü für Projekte wurde erweitert und umbenannt in Projekt aus Vergleichsszenario übernehmen beim Vergleich mit einem Szenario bzw. Projekt aus Plandaten übernehmen beim Vergleich mit den Plandaten.

Neben den Plandaten können hier jetzt auch Abweichungen aus einem verglichenen Szenario übernommen werden.

Die folgenden Projektdaten werden ins aktive Szenario übernommen.

  • Projektstart und -ende
  • Projektteilungen
  • Meilenstein-Daten
  • Finanzereignisse
  • Rollen- und Ressourcenallokationen


Reihenfolge der Menüleiste geändert

Die Reihenfolge der Menüs in der Menüleiste wurde folgendermaßen geändert:

  1. Portfolio-Menü, wird immer angezeigt (zuvor an erster oder zweiter Stelle)
  2. Szenario-Menü, wird angezeigt, wenn Sie mit einem Szenario arbeiten (zuvor an erster Stelle)
  3. Szenario-Vergleichsmenü, wird beim Vergleich von Szenarien angezeigt (neu)
  4. Berichte (unverändert)
  5. Hauptmenü (unverändert)

Darstellung des Gantt-Diagramms überarbeitet

Die Darstellung von Projekten und Programmen im Gantt-Diagramm wurde zugunsten eines übersichtlicheren und klareren Erscheinungsbilds überarbeitet.

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