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The following section explains, step by step, how to export Meisterplan data to Microsoft Excel for reporting purposes.

Please note that the Administrator or Data Manager access level is required for the steps to execute in Meisterplan.

Open Report Manager

Activate External Reporting

  • In the Reporting Data window, select Activate reporting database to provide planning data for external access.

Once you select this option, the reporting database, user and password will automatically be generated and entered here. You can display the password by clicking on the eye icon.

Select Reporting Data

  • Under Allocation and Capacity Data, select monthly or weekly extraction of allocations, capacities and financials as required.
  • Enter the desired amount of time periods for monthly and/or weekly extraction. 

Please note that the maximum amount of time periods is 60 for each monthly and weekly extraction. Please also note that a higher amount of time periods takes more time to process.

Confirm Settings and Retrieve Access Information

  • Click OK to confirm all settings and prepare the reporting database.
  • Back in the report manager, click Reporting Data... again to reopen the view for copying the server name, database name, user name and password. You can display the password by clicking on the eye icon.

Install ODBC driver for PostgreSQL

  • Download the ODBC Driver (32-bit DSN Unicode) for PostgreSQL from Please note that the 32-bit driver is required; the 64-bit driver will not work. On the web page, click Download. Open the msi directory and select the latest download available there.
  • Install the downloaded driver.

Create ODBC Data Source

  • Open the Microsoft Windows settings for ODBC data sources.

Note: When using a 64 Bit Windows, you have to open the 32 Bit ODBC version "Odbcad32.exe" which can be found in "%systemdrive%\Windows\SysWoW64" (e.g. C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe).

  • Click Add... to create a new data source.

  • Select the PostgreSQL Unicode driver and click Finish.

  • Copy the ServerDatabase NameUser Name and Password displayed in the Reporting Data window in Meisterplan into the associated fields for the new data source.
  • Set the SSL Mode to require.
  • Enter 5432 in the Port field.

  • Click Test to test your database connection.
  • After successfully testing your connection, finish creating the new data source by clicking on Save.

The new data source is now available in Microsoft Windows applications.

  • Click OK to close the ODBC settings

Open Microsoft Excel

  • Open Microsoft Excel and create a Blank workbook.

Select ODBC Data Source in Microsoft Excel

  • Open the Data ribbon.
  • In the Get External Data section, open the From Other Sources menu and select the From Data Connection Wizard option.

  • In the data connection wizard, select the ODBC DSN data source type and click Next.

  • Select the Meisterplan data source you created and click Next.

  • Click Finish.

  • Select the desired display mode for displaying the data in Microsoft Excel.

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